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  • Your erections might become ‘rigid’ and last longer than normal.
  • Please make sure you (and your partner) are healthy enough for vigorous intimate activity.
  • You may experience fullness quite frequently during the day. Please discontinue if your work becomes negatively affected.
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The man who almost lost his self- esteem to PE and ED

Dear Friend,

If you’re even remotely interested in discovering how this discovery can dramatically turbo charge your sex life, multiply your libido, and completely cure any, (and all), forms of impotency, giving you rock hard erections when and wherever you want them, each and every time… then this is going to be the most exciting little letter you’ll ever read!

Here’s why: A recently discovered herb, (found only at the foothills of the Peruvian mountains, Peru), has been proven… so effective… in completely curing impotency and dramatically reviving your sex life, that it’s totally taken the male sexual enhancement industry by storm… and… turned it’s industry leaders on their heads!

This soon to be patented herb has been scientifically proven safe, by some of the world’s top scientific authorities, and has already made it to the Food and Drug Association’s “Safe List”. Yet tests carried out in research facilities across the United States, (and Europe), have shown The Japanese herb” to be…

The Safest, Most Potently Effective Medicine Known 

To Man For completely Curing Impotency, For Dramatically

Increasing Penis Strength, And For Replenishing, and Increasing

Libido Levels By As Much As 450%!

And Today I am going to Reveal to you How you can get it

My name is Frank  Nwachukwu, and Erectile dysfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculation (PE) almost destroyed my life.

I know it might sound over dramatic, but trust me, ED nearly cost me my marriage, my health and almost my life…

I’ll tell you about my shocking and embarrassing story in a moment.

Before I continue, let me assure you right now. 
If you are suffering from any form of erectile issues, trust me.

I have been there myself, and you are not alone.

It was 10:30 pm 25th Oct 2017 when it all started. I had just got married to the love of my life Rose and was on our honeymoon at le meriden ibom golf resort in Akwa Ibom.

My wife loves golf and I wanted to surprise her and be the romantic man. While she was excited about the night and what was coming, I was terrified down to my pants.

You see, before that night I had being celibate with my wife even with the pressure from her to engage in sex before marriage. I decided to go celibate because I wasn’t ready to lose her like I did Sarah, Chinyere and Mary

who left me because I couldn’t last 1 min and had a tiny winie

I’m a loud mouthed brother and before that night I had being telling Rose to hold on and be patient till our wedding night that I was going to give her the best orgasm she has ever had.

She was all ready beaming with smiles. And the truth is, she looked more beautiful and sexy that Night.

She had changed to her sexy lingerie and waiting for oga to come and start action. I slowly and reluctantly held her. I am sure she must have thought to herselfis this man plain stupid not to see I am naked?”.

And After 5 thrust I came and the disgust on her face
could render a man paralysed. My Ego was bruised than Night.
Especially After My bragging of how good I am in Bed

I told her it was stress from my high paying programming job and preparation for the wedding.

Or it was my unhealthy eating habits.

After the honeymoon we came back to our home in Lekki Lagos and I started looking for help, I had bought different jedi and pills . 

Here’s a photo of the last one I bought. I stopped taking it when I realised it wasn’t providing any results. Rather things were getting worse

We went from having sex every day…

To a few times a week…

To less than a few times a month…

Finally, we were not having sex at all.

Rose was getting severely worried.

And one day, she wanted to surprise me with what should have been the night of my life.Rose actually paid for a high end prostitute to have a threesome with us.

Picture this, I had two gorgeous women dressed in skin tight sexy lingerie.

One was kissing me and the other was fondling me down there…

And after 25 minutes they were still there frantically stroking my now shrunken and dried-up penis…

I felt ashamed and embarrassed beyond belief.

I closed my eyes and tried to picture the dirtiest and kinkiest porn scenes I could…

But nothing worked…

The girls pulled out all the tricks they could muster. But the more they tried, the sorrier and smaller my dick became.

Until finally, after 1 hour and 30 minutes of shriveled embarrassment I actually asked them to stop.

The girls looked at each other, sighed then got up to get dressed.

As she turned away, I saw the look on Rose’s face that a husband will never forget.

The complete look of revulsion and disgust

Now trust me, as sickened as she was with me…I was feeling a million times worse!I mean, I literally couldn’t get it up for a threesome with two gorgeous women just begging for me to put it inside them!

How freaking sad was that?So after that experience as you can imagine, I avoided having sex even more.

In fact, there were times when Rose would start pulling out sex toys and pleasuring herself beside me…Then start rubbing my crotch…I’d have to roll around and pretend that I wasn’t in the mood.

Heck, it got to the point that I actually started faking medical conditions and asking to sleep in the other room…

Basically I was looking for any reason to escape having sex with my wife. Before Marriage I had given her reasons for not having sex. Now we are married and I still can’t satisfy my wife.

I already was seeing my wife slipping off my grip even with how charming I was

You already might be wondering what causes Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction .According to the American Medical Journal, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation is a very common occurrence.

ED is actually common for men of all ages and you don’t have to be above a certain age to get it.

Symptoms of ED include the inability to get hard or maintain a solid erection.

Others include premature ejaculation or having erections softer than before.

Or if you need to constantly watch porn in order to get hard, then you also have ED.

So what exactly happens to your anatomy when you suffer from ED?

Well basically, it means that your body is unable to increase blood circulation to the vessels surrounding your penis in order for it to expand into an erection.

This is caused by a variety of factors some of which include lifestyle habits, work induced stress and your diet.

So I decided to make an active change in my life.

The Jedi, I was taking contains alcohol and had to stop drinking it. I wasn’t smoking and only have my work ethics and diet to revise.

I tried taking viagra and some other ED pills but noticed I would have throbbing headaches as side effects each time I took them  even though I was having rock hard erections.

Using those pills, I’d be able to have painful and non-pleasurable sexual marathons for hours…

I complained to my brother James and ask if he also experiences this PE and ED so I know if it’s a family thing. Which he told me he has a stiffy each time.

Soon it became obvious to my wife that my sudden sexual prowess come from dick pills.

This further put strains on our marriage. We started to argue a lot more about silly things.Rose became insecure about our relationship and worried I was no longer attracted to her.It has been weeks since I last made love to Rose.

Because I was making excuses to stay back at the office more and more…This whole ED thing was slowly destroying every aspect of my life.

And out of desperation and attempt to save my marriage

I took the advice from James to combine cocaine with Viagra, that in theory I would be able to get the benefits of Viagra without the headaches and nasal congestion.

Although this wasn’t the best solution, I really wanted to save my marriage.

And that was how I ended up waking up in hospital with my wife,
Rose and my brother  James, at my bedside.

I heard my doctor saying:

“Viagra’s effect is that it opens the veins and capillaries, so if you’re using other drugs or alcohol that lowers your blood pressure and influence how your heart works, it’s a real problem. With cocaine it raises your heart rate and that can be a very deadly combo.”

What happened was that my wife had come back home to find me unconscious on the couch.

Turns out I collapsed in the living room after mixing Viagra, cocaine and alcohol.

After this incident,I was too ashamed to sleep beside my wife.

I knew that my wife was a very sexual creature and that’s one of the biggest reasons why I married her.

And since I wasn’t giving her what she needed... eventually she’ll have to find what she needs with someone else.

I felt depressed and decided to lay on the couch alone one night with my iPad.

And as I scrolled through the Facebook news feed I suddenly came across this amazing headline.

World’s Oldest Male Pornstar Gets Paid To Have Sex At Age 82 Using Ancient Japanese Secret Sex Herb, verified by scientists after 20 years of intense research

My eyes suddenly lit up.

The more I read the more I was intrigued.

You see, Japanese nobility and emperors were well known for being extremely virile and having multiple concubines was the norm.

And that’s not counting their other massive harems of women, which constantly grew larger as their clan cut a swath across Japan and conquered new lands.

You see...

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